The 80/20 Rule

In 1897 Vilfredo Pareto, an Italian economist, developed the 80/20 rule after noticing that 20 percent of the population in England owned 80 percent of the land. While this theory of imbalance can be applied to most aspects of life, it also can be used to improve your time management at work. In regard to your work performance, the 80/20...

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Surviving A Workplace Wardrobe Meltdown

Our latest post from Chelsea: Project Manager 9-5, Fashionista 24/7 – and NEXT for Women fashion and beauty contributor. Always start your search for the perfect work outfit with selecting the appropriate fabric for the event and season. Breathable, lightweight, and loose are the keys to surviving the last of the August heat. Linens, silks, and lightweight cottons are perfect...

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