The Employed Girl’s Guide to The Job Search

 My interviewer didn’t call when he was supposed to. I am a journalism major at the University of North Carolina with magazine aspirations. Experience is my only potential safeguard against postgraduate poverty, and so for every season there is an internship. In my quest to fill summer, I lined up a phone interview with an Important New York editor at...

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Office OMG!

Have you had an embarrassing moment at work? Have you ever made a terrible mistake in the office? That’s what we call an “Office OMG!” moment.       We all have had Office OMG! moments. From crying in the office to being discovered trash talking your boss, these moments are embarrasing but through these experiences we can also learn and grow.   Starting...

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The Hardest Route Is Usually Not The Right One

I climb high mountains.  There are many mountains in life, and I’ve discovered that these lessons apply. Here is another important lesson from our series of three. There’s a saying in mountain climbing that I really love:  If it’s too hard, you’re off route.  And while I believe there are no mistakes in life, only lessons to be learned, you’ve...

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