55 Ways To Have Fun With Google


Most of us are familiar with Google’s searching capabilities. We use Google to find any and everything we want on the web. For some, google is their go-to search engine. With a simple interface, a googolplex of peripheral services, and integration into most web browsers toolbar – it’s easy to see why Google is dominating over competitors likeYahoo! and AOL.

55 Ways to Have Fun with Google is a free 218 page ebook you can download here. If you like Google, and have some time to kill – we would definitely recommend this resource. It’s full of oddities and random facts and Google’s capabilities including but not limited to: Googledromes, Memecodes, Googlesport, The Google Calculator, Googlepark and Google Weddings, Google hacking, fighting and rhyming. Random? You bet! Fun? Absolutely.

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