Dogs, Goats, & Free Food? What You Didn’t Know About Working for Google.


Most of us are familiar with Google’s searching capabilities. We use Google to find any and everything we want on the web. For some, google is their go-to search engine. With a simple interface, a googolplex of peripheral services, and integration into most web browsers toolbar – it’s easy to see why Google is dominating over competitors like Yahoo! and AOL.

So what about this mega-goliath-internet company that has changed how we browse the web? What is the company like behind the home page?

The “little company that could”, which started in a garage office as a project, has said it’s “not a conventional company, and [we] don’t intend to become one. True, we share attributes with the world’s most successful organizations – a focus on innovation and smart business practices comes to mind – but even as we continue to grow, we’re committed to retaining a small-company feel.” The company has been known to offer free lunches to it’s employees as well as a tailored benefits packages. Their quick ascension to domination is punctuated with interesting tid-bits – check out more here.

Their innovative and “unique” practices extend beyond the brick and mortar of HQ walls.  Who needs a lawnmower when you can rent goats. Yes, goats. Google rents herds of goats along with a herder and border collie to munch on the brush and weeds that grow around their offices. Its kinder to the environment and “a lot cuter than watching lawnmowers”.

Google’s appreciation for four-legged friends exists in the office as well. Employees are invited to bring their dogs to work, provided they can “hold-it” until it’s time for a potty break, and they aren’t aggressive to their doggy  co-workers.

NEXT for Women is also a dog-friendly office. Meet our office “Sargent of Arms” Levi!

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