Ever Wonder How Many People Are Interested In Your Favorite Music Artist? Introducing: Google Trends


Most of us are familiar with Google’s searching capabilities. We use Google to find any and everything we want on the web. For some, google is their go-to search engine. With a simple interface, a googolplex of peripheral services, and integration into most web browsers toolbar – it’s easy to see why Google is dominating over competitors like Yahoo! and AOL.

Ever wonder how many people are interested in your favorite music artist, or a product the company you’d like to work for produces? Google Trends can help you out with this. You may enter up to 5 topics into Google trends and see how often those topics have been searched over time. Additionally, Google Trends will tell you how often the topics you entered have appeared in news stories and in which regions the topics were searched for the most.

Check it out! See how popular your favorite topics are throughout the world!

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