Multi-Generational Communication: Crafting Your Message

Gen Y? Gen X? Or Baby Boomer? Identify what generation you fall into and with that of the person you are trying communicate with to ensure that your message is best received.

When communicating with Gen Y/Millennials, remember to:

•       connect with them on a personal level

•       provide them with balanced feedback on a regular basis

•       show them how their work has greater impact on the organization


When communicating with Gen Xers, remember to:

•       offer flexibility to help them juggle the other parts of their lives

•       use straight talk

•       understand that they are open to lateral moves


When communicating with Baby Boomers, remember to:

•       acknowledge and value the impact they have made

•       provide support to prevent burnout

•       be mindful that personal and professional development is still important to them


So, the next time you are communicating with individuals in a different generation, remember their preferences and how these inclinations may affect their response.



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