Podcasts: A Portable Radio For This Century


Podcasts are an inexpensive and convenient way to learn, laugh and grow. Similar to gaining insights and inspiration from your favorite blogs and magazines, podcasts offer audio or video content for download via an online subscription. iTunes has a vast library of podcasts for free download, but you can also listen to episodes directly from the publisher’s website.

One of the best parts about a podcast is that you can take it with you wherever you go. Audio podcasts are especially versatile. Listen to them while on your morning commute, as you’re folding laundry, or as you empty the dishwasher.

From your computer or mobile device, explore the podcast section of the iTunes store. The Top Charts and Staff Favorites are both great places to begin. Once you find a few you really enjoy, look for similar shows in the section called, “Listeners also subscribed to.”

There is a wide range of podcasts available. From the silly to serious, there is something for everyone. To get you started, here is a list of 8 podcasts to add to your playlist today:

This American Life

Also a popular public radio show, This American Life is consistently one of the top downloaded podcasts on iTunes. Episodes are wrapped around a theme with a variety of compelling stories that expand on each topic. Hosted by Ira Glass, this podcast is sure to command your attention and teach you a few things.

Joy the Baker Podcast

Two popular bloggers, Joy the Baker and Tracy Benjamin from Shutterbean.com, host this hilariously chatty podcast. With a relatable and down-to-earth approach, Joy and Tracy share their thoughts on a wide range of topics including friendships, food, careers, dating, married life and self-care.

The Moth Podcast

“True stories told live,” summarizes this captivating podcast. Presented by The Moth, episodes feature real people sharing their relatable, shocking, funny and hard-to-believe experiences.

Stuff Mom Never Told You

This podcast’s hosts are two HowStuffWorks staffers, Molly and Cristen, who attempt to answer questions that moms and school teachers rarely cover: Why do women tend to outlive men? How do male and female brains differ? Are female friendships more fraught with frenemies?

Stuff You Should Know

The older brother of Stuff Mom Never Told You, this is another podcast worth downloading from HowStuffWorks. Josh and Chuck host this knowledge-infused show features topics like: How Air Force One Works, How Pepper Spray Works, and How Floods Work.

The Accidental Creative

Todd Henry, author and creativity guru, hosts this helpful podcast filled with inspiration for thriving within the create-on-demand environment that so many professionals work within. Each episode offers expert advice on generating and executing brilliant ideas consistently and effectively.

Tranquility du Jour

Yogini, author and entrepreneur, Kimberly Wilson is the host of this enjoyably girly podcast. Each week she interviews a featured tranquilista – women who are leaders and experts in an assortment of fields including signature style, art journaling, money management, and creative living.

The History Chicks
Two chicks on a mission to chronicle the lives of women lost to history, this podcast is equal parts talk-show, soap opera and documentary. Beckett Graham and Susan Vollenweider host this fun and conversational podcast that’s filled with stories you never learned in history class.

Download these podcasts or seek out ones that align with your interests. Don’t see your favorite listed above? Take a moment to share other playlist-worthy podcasts in the comments below.


Kaileen Gersper is a Corporate Recruiter with Centerline Digital, an interactive creative agency in Raleigh, NC. A collector of inspiration, maker of playlists and writer of creative to-do lists, she blogs at kaileenelise.com. Kaileen is a lifelong yogini, former collegiate athlete and aspiring runner. Follow her on Twitter @kaileenelise and connect with her on LinkedIn.

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