Purpoogle and Blackle: Awesome Things You Didn’t Know About Google

Most of us are familiar with Google’s searching capabilities. We use Google to find any and everything we want on the web. For some, google is their go-to search engine. With a simple interface, a googolplex of peripheral services, and integration into most web browsers toolbar – it’s easy to see why Google is dominating over competitors like Yahoo! and AOL.

You might have read or heard that you can use the Google search bar for other things besides keyword searches. You can use it to check flights (by entering the flight number), as a dictionary (by entering “define:” and the word you’d like to define), or as a calculator (by entering equations or computations). I recently came across something I didn’t know: how to exclude words from searches. Lets say you want to do a search on “Geek” but you want to exclude all of the results that have anything to do with “Best Buy’s Geek Squad”. Do do that simply enter a minus(-) before the words you’d like to exclude. This can make your searching go quicker and generate organic results that are more valuable to you.

A few of my most intriguing findings:

  • Developers have had a field day creating alternative google sites. Just as effective, but with a creative twist. If you’re a huge fan of the color purple (the hue, not the book) you should try your searches using www.purpoogle.com.
  • Need a bit of daily inspiration? After you check out the newest blog on NEXT for Women, head over to www.boogle.com!
  • It’s important to conserve energy! The folks over at www.blackle.com have cut the lights off to save a few watts. If you’re not afraid of the dark, check them out!

Addie found her passion for technology and all things “geek” at an early age. She’d often take apart small appliances (to her mother’s dismay) to discover how they worked. By age twelve, she was a household “MacGuyver”, re-wiring her parent’s weed-eater (among other things) with two paper clips and some electrical tape – and yes – it worked! Addie would later fall in love with digital communication and internet-based technology, and become voracious for information on everything from network security to search engine optimization. Her articles featured on NEXT for Women include tech: tips, random facts, and other useful tidbits.

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