Talking To Strangers Can Be Difficult. But You Never Know Where The Conversation Will Lead.


If you have a question; ASK someone; you never know where the conversation will lead.

Talking to strangers can be one of the more difficult things to do, especially if approaching others is not your strongest suit. OR, you might be incredibly confident but feel it inappropriate to ask for help.  Both are common situations but the truth is…It Never Hurts to Ask 🙂

One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned is that NO ONE can tell you “NO” unless you give them the opportunity! Amazing to think about, right? Whether it be for directions, a donation or even a job prospect, if you choose to size up the person before they speak, you’re judging the person- AND their response, before they have the chance to answer for themselves. Have you thought of it from that point of view before?

Neglecting to ask for help with directions could be the difference in missing an interview or a special dinner with your family. Don’t allow FEAR to Fuel your Frustration. Opening yourself up to those around you creates an opportunity to not only answer your question– but to possibly gain a friend!  Perhaps you approach the puzzle piece you have been missing! Names are exchanged. A Connection is made – and the Journey has begun. Allow someone else to GIVE you advice so that you can RECEIVE what you need 🙂 What a simple yet effective way to initiate a little Good Karma to your day!

The next time you find yourself frustrated, ask someone to help you. It’s can’t hurt!


With  a career ranging from working with DragonBallZ to VW of America, from Sales to Marketing/PR, from Dallas to Australia… and finally to recruiting nurses to work throughout the United States – in 2009 Carlyn found herself without a job. She asked herself “What do I LOVE to do? What is my PASSION?”. What were her next steps? And then she realized – she turns strangers into friends. Join her journey here.


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