Texting Is Convenient – But Not Professional

(Networking Hopeful):  (7:39 P.M.) Hey Whitney!!! we met at that ntwrkng event last month. I’m still lkng for work. Do u know of ne jobs? J/w Thx

With the conveniences of technology, it is easy to remain connected while in and out of the office. However, it is important to be mindful of the proper etiquette when reaching out to professional contacts.  Recently NEXT for Women’s CEO & Founder, Whitney, was approached via text message on a Friday evening about potential job opportunities after meeting a young lady at an event.

Initial contact made with anyone business-related should never be done over text message. Texting should be strictly limited to causal and close acquaintances. An email or hand written follow-up is the preferred option. With the capabilities of smart phones, this will take little to no more effort than a sending a text, but will give a much more professional impression! Secondly, timing is everything. It is best to reach out to someone during normal office hours (not a Friday evening!) or on a Sunday afternoon so your message will be one of the first things that they see when they open their inbox on Monday morning.

Keep these tips in mind when communicating regarding potential employment opportunities and general communication with your professional contacts!

The photo is courtesy of life123.com.

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