The 5 Es: Attitudes that Will Get You Ahead

Moving ahead in your career may be as easy as changing your attitude. Try incorporating the 5 “Es” into your approach as well.

1. Easy- Try to become known as the person who can get along with everyone. This includes no complaining at the office about co-workers. If you are bothered by something at work, learn how to express your concerns in a way that is constructive rather than negative.

2. Early- Show people that you are committed to your work by getting ahead on projects or assignments. Stop checking your email or wasting time on Facebook and focus your efforts on finishing up your work.

3. Excellence- Do everything with a standard of quality. Simply meeting the requirements is not enough. Go above and beyond!

4. Efficient- Are you managing your time well? Work isn’t just about turning in assignments, it is about doing a job well done and doing it efficiently. Take this short quiz to find out if you manage your time well or not.

5. Enthusiasm- In addition to getting along with others, being passionate about what you do is crucial. Enthusiasm rubs off on coworkers and brightens the atmosphere of your entire office.  You don’t have to be overly bubbly, especially if you typically have a more reserved nature, but come to work with an eagerness to take on new projects.

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