Common Interests = Connections. Surround Yourself with Strangers Who Share Similar Passions!

Last year, 62.8 million Americans volunteered 8.1 million hours of their time for charity work – and every one of those hours represents a reason you too should make time for philanthropy. With that many volunteers out there, the Stranger to Friend opportunities awaiting you are endless!

One the more rewarding ways to meet new people is to volunteer doing something that you find rewarding. Whether you are giving love to stray animals, organizing shelves at a library, raising money and awareness for a cause, or bringing a smile to the face of a sick child, you are rarely alone when you volunteer. Everyone else involved with the organization shares a common interest with you. This immediate connection opens the door to all kinds of questions and conversations!  Not only that, but many times you will be assigned to volunteer with a group of others that have made themselves available to lend a hand. This alone allows you to interact with strangers that you know share a similar passion!

Every one of us has a story and many times our story guides us to give of our time. When we explore the opportunity to meet others along our path, we step out of our comfort zone and into an amazing world to discover the world through the eyes of another. My involvement with an organization for the past 10 years has provided me some of my best friends on the planet. If we had not all decided to get involved, I really wonder if we would have met. Perhaps we would have, but I’m so glad we didn’t take that chance. We know that our cause was our connection, but that our friendship is the result of us choosing to get to know more about each other.

If you don’t feel drawn to a particular cause or movement, don’t feel that you cannot find one. Take some time to search online a group that suits your schedule and interests. If you stumble upon a group that needs help at just the time you’re available, but you don’t know much about it, sign up anyway! It’s a chance worth taking. You will not only meet new people, but you will gain a sense of new purpose.

I promise you that.

With  a career ranging from working with DragonBallZ to VW of America, from Sales to Marketing/PR, from Dallas to Australia…and finally to recruiting nurses to work throughout the United States – in 2009 Carlyn found herself without a job. She asked herself “What do I LOVE to do? What is my PASSION?”. What were her next steps? And then she realized – she turns strangers into friends. Join her journey here.

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