How Well Does Your Company Attract Multicultural Women To Its Workforce?

As well as Cisco, Deloitte, General Mills, IBM and Proctor & Gamble?  These companies made it to Working Mother’s top five list of the Best Companies for Multicultural Women.

So, what is it that these companies offer, that many others don’t, to make them so likeable for women of different ethnicities?

  • Targeted agendas for recruiting & retaining Multicultural Women, such as:
    • Advertisement in multicultural women-specific press and social media spots
    • Hosting & sponsorship of recruitment events focused on women of various ethnicities
    • A variety of initiatives to encourage the progression of women from different cultural backgrounds,  including:
      • Mentoring
      • Career counseling
      • Training on diversity and inclusion subjects like:
        • What effect gender has on communication & leadership styles
        • How racial/ethnic differences influence communication & leadership styles


And these measures are worth it:  at 22 % multicultural women attrit less than their Caucasian male (28%) and female (31%) counterparts.

Dedicated to propelling desired change, Colleen Slaughter, a native of Kentucky, specializes in leadership development and executive coaching for women. She has spent over 20 years – 13 of them in Europe – working with and consulting individuals and organizations from over 35 countries.


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