Leave Out the Beef When Doing Business with Indians

About 80% of India’s population is Hindu.  And, although some of these people eat meat, they nonetheless do not eat beef as the cow is considered a holy animal.


The Pizza Hut in Ahmedabad (of which the majority population is vegetarian) dishes out only vegetarian pizzas. And even McDonalds in India does not serve beef burgers!  Yes, you can have a veggie burger or a chicken burger but not the traditional “Big Mac” that McDonalds is known for. And, seemingly, this is a clever decision on the part of McDonalds:  many Hindus will not even eat at a joint that serves beef.


The moral of the story?  When travelling to India or working with Indian colleagues in your homeland, beef is not something to offer or order at a meal.  By showing you are sensitive to the religious beliefs and local tastes of Indians, your credibility as an international leader with this group is sure to surge.



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