Managing New Job Transitions

You’ve taken a new job. Congratulations!

Now you have to gracefully exit your old position and transition into the new. For both, our leadership definition is a useful guide.

Transitioning Out

Put on your mantle of leadership and ask yourself these 3 questions:

  1. Which are the most important outcomes I need to ensure will move forward without a hitch?
  2. Whom inside and outside of the company do I have to engage and align (and perhaps guide) to make sure that progress is made, and to communicate the go-forward plan?
  3. What legacy do I want to leave behind and what actions should I take to cement my legacy?

It’s always a good idea to keep your bridges not only in tact, but also strong.


Transitioning In

It pays to enter a new job with a plan. I know of a woman who absolutely blew the socks off her new boss by coming in with a draft transition plan – instead of expecting him to create it for her.

So, think about your transition plan using the 3-part model:

  1. How will you use your first few weeks to get clear on the strategic outcomes of your new organization and how you are expected to drive them through your area. What outcomes will you be focusing on?
  2. Who do you have to engage within and outside your new organization to be successful and contribute to the success of the organization? What do they care about and how will you engage and align them?
  3. What greatness (strengths, attributes and values) will you stand on and call on as you begin your new position…and what strengths will you have to develop or acquire in order to be successful? What adjustments will you make to in your whole life context? And how can you use the functional aspects of your world view (especially your growth mindset) to fuel your success?

In an early meeting with your new manager, discuss your ideas for your transition plan and invite his/her input. Unless you are walking into a crisis with the expectation of immediate action, the first several weeks or months in a new position are a time to gather information and build relationships.

All good wishes for your continued success.

Lead ON!

Susan Colantuono


When Susan Colantuono was 16 months old, her brother was born thus launching a lifelong interest in gender dynamics and an abundance of heretical observations and breakthrough thinking about women, leadership and careers.

Susan shares her wisdom as CEO of Leading Women, where she inspires and powers the success of women leaders in organizations and through her writings. Her most recent book, No Ceiling, No Walls: What women haven’t been told about leadership from career-start to the corporate boardroom, has been described as a “must read” by CEOs and thought leaders alike.

Susan created and facilitated the Women’s Institute for Leadership at Bryant University, is past director of the RI State Council of SHRM, has been honored by Providence Business News as Ally and Mentor for Business Women and is one of 2 delegates from RI to Vision 2020 a decade long project to advance gender equality. She loves her family, the south of France, horse camping in Yellowstone and Lindt 85% chocolate…not necessarily in that order.


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