Office OMG!

Have you had an embarrassing moment at work? Have you ever made a terrible mistake in the office? That’s what we call an “Office OMG!” moment.




We all have had Office OMG! moments. From crying in the office to being discovered trash talking your boss, these moments are embarrasing but through these experiences we can also learn and grow.


Starting in November, we will be accepting your Office OMG! moments. You can write your own story or give us a brief description of the incident. We will be featuring new Office OMG! moments each month.


We invite you to share your stories – let’s have a laugh and learn together!


Here are some questions that you may have…
How can I submit my Office OMG! story?

• You can either write a complete article or a brief description of your experience.

• Send your story to In your e-mail, please mention

– Your name

– If you would like to reveal your identity on your article or submit it anonymously

– A brief bio and photo (if you are willing to reveal your identity)


When should I submit my article and when will my article be featured?

We will be accepting Office OMG! submission all year long and will feature some of the Office OMG! stories every month. If your article is featured, we will notify you via e-mail.


How will my article be used?

Your article will be used only for our Office OMG! campaign and only by NEXT for Women. Your article will be featured on our website and may be promoted through our Facebook page and Twitter account.


I do not want to reveal my name and company on my article! 

We understand the importance of your privacy online. If you would like to conceal your privacy, please mention that you want to submit your article anonymously.If you have additional question about Office OMG!, please feel free to contact us at

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