Stand Tall! How Being Proud Can Help Your Job Hunt

“So, what do you do for a living?”

When you’re hunting for a new job, this question can be seriously depressing. You might suddenly start mumbling about how you’re “in between jobs” or “it’s really tough out there…”

Stop! Stand tall. Seize the moment. This is a perfect opportunity to briefly tell someone what you want to do and subtly seek out his or her help.

Not only will this boost your self-esteem, it can be crucial for finding and making new connections.

If you say, “I’m looking for a job,” people will probably wish you good luck and the conversation will end there. If you say “I’m excited about moving into an entry-level role within an PR firm,” chances are that sooner or later someone will say something like, “Oh, I know someone you should talk to about getting into the field.”

Searching for a job is normal. But if you hide it or act ashamed of being unemployed, people can perceive it—and you—in a negative manner. Instead, take control by leading the conversation in a positive direction and creating opportunities for people to help you on your journey.

You’ll be surprised by the positive ripple effect this shift in mindset can cause.


Annie Favreau for Inside Jobs, a site that helps people discover career choices they’ll love and build strong, successful futures. Join the conversation on Twitter at @InsideJobs!

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