Return to Sender: 3 Tips For a Professional Business Envelope


Sending “snail” mail may be less common than it used to be but that is no reason to take a casual approach when crafting and mailing professional correspondence.

When it comes to being the polished professional that you are make sure you know what an envelope should look like. After all you don’t want your mail to be the joke of the office or worse, simply thrown in the garbage.

When Next for Women received this …


…it seemed like the perfect opportunity to remind ourselves about this basic skill and ensure that fellow NEXTers don’t get their envelopes sent straight back. Wait, this one couldn’t even be sent back… there wasn’t even a return address!

3 Tips For a Professional Business Envelope:

Never handwrite a professional envelope. While a handwritten thank-you or invitation can be perceived as a personalized touch, always type business letters and/or envelopes.

Always include a return address. It let’s the recipient know that you have taken time and attention when corresponding with them and if necessary where they can send correspondence back to.

If the envelope is confidential or private type this above the address line. Do not highlight the envelope.

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