Confidence: My Tool for Digging Up Success

NEXT for Women loves to hear about your success – especially times when we have been a part of it!  Jen recently submitted her story to us and we are pleased to share it with you!

“Stagnant and lost; two former feelings I endured daily. Graduating from college I expected to have the world at my fingertips. I had done everything correctly: good grades, great internship and even landed a great first job. However, one thing was missing – A career path I was passionate about. Unfortunately, my “great” first job was too routine and less challenging than I had anticipated. After a year I felt I wanted more; more responsibility, more networking opportunities and more leadership. Yet, in order to obtain these things, I needed to find the confidence first!

I used the NEXT for Women on-line resources for guidance and inspiration to develop an action plan. I then connected with people I respected who had turned passion into career regardless of educational or professional background they had. Meeting with professionals who had the confidence to reach their goals encouraged me to do the same.

Since then, I’ve left my “great first job” for a career path in higher education as a program director. I shed all my insecurities that my past experience or skills might not be useful and instead networked with the right people. All it took – was a little confidence!”

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