Get a life: prioritize your work and personal obligations

Do your weekend plans consist of catching up on work or worrying about what you didn’t get done in the office? Work can be so overwhelming that you can easily lose control of priorities. Luckily, you can start to find a balance!



Work for impact, not for quantity. Focus on the most important tasks. When you only have a limited amount of time, you need to work on the assignments that produce the greatest results rather than finish all of them poorly. Take out a clean piece of paper or open up a new document on your desktop – write all of the things that need to get done without referencing your email, calendar or other notes that you may have. Most likely the items that make it to the list and are top of mind and most important so will be the ones that you should focus on first.
Work smarter, not longer. Put a time limit on your work. Try setting a timer with a set amount of minutes or hours that you want to allocate to a project. For example, deciding to spend 30 minutes returning emails or 1 hour preparing for a status update with your boss. When the time is up, stop working, give yourself a break, and re-evaluate how much more time is really needed.

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