How to Create a Career Plan That Starts Now

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Where do you want to go in your career? Do you have a plan? Start by looking at your hobbies and your past accomplishments regardless of your current position. Simply finding out what you like and what you are good at gives you great insight of what kind of career will be a good fit for you. Then what?


Research Career Trends 

Once you find out what kind of job you want, find out the trend of these jobs. Is the demand of that job likely to increase in the future? In addition, knowing career trends helps you find out what kind of knowledge and experience help you to get that job.


Set Goals 

It is time to set goals. Plan both short-term and long-term goals. Where do you want to be in 10 years? What is your career plan to achieve that goal?


Research Education and Training Opportunities

Education and training always help you achieve your goal. Find out what kinds of education and training are available. Today there are so many opportunities both at schools and online you can take advantage of.


Review Your Plan at Least Once a Year 

Reviewing your plan is crucial. Do it at least once a year. See what you have accomplished and what you didn’t.  Adjust and change your plan based on such information. In addition, along the way, you may find that you need a major change in your career plan.


Life is too short. Don’t waste your time. Make a plan now and move your career, and yourself, forward!


Mari Tanaka is a recent graduate at Valparaiso University with a Degree in Business Administration – Marketing Concentration. She is originally from Japan and moved to the United States in 2009 for her study. She loves learning and gaining new experience, and meeting new people!



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  1. Alexandr

    Since your project inevlvos research in family businesses, you can proceed in the following manner.Once you have put the obvious question, there can be the following answersa) No plan as such, we went ahead as and went opportunity aroseb) Planned, but it was in our minds (not documented)c) Had sketched down some aspects, but not completed) Had a well documented business plan.Option a)Such plans have a high probability of failure, and if they worked, it was because of luck or instant cover ups. Highly risky and not recommended.Option b)These are dependent on the person who is the key factor for the business. In his absence, the system goes haywire.Option c)Lots of confusion, since the plan is sketchy, and clarifications are required at every stageOption d)The most recommended technique, easier to find investors, and things can work even though the planner is not available.

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