Questions Oprah Makes Us Ask Ourselves

“Everybody has a calling, and your job in life is to figure what

that is and get about the business of doing it.” Oprah Winfrey

Did you watch Oprah’s last episode? Disclaimer: we didn’t! We were too busy working in the office. But we did catch it on TiVO and were interested to hear her talk about how it is our duty to find out what our calling is and what we can do to pursue it.

The key take aways:

1. Figure out what your calling in life is

2. Discover what gifts you have to offer the world

3. What is your platform? Your circle? Who can you provide your gifts to?

4. How can you be more powerful on your platform?

Once in awhile we need a reminder that success can come from following our hearts. When was the last time you evaluated what path you were on?

Watch clips from Oprah’s final goodbye episode!

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