Ready To Explode? EFT Is Easy As ABC


Ever wonder how some people manage to remain calm and composed under the most stressful circumstances, their confidence seemingly full to the brim? I do, all the time. For those of you like me, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) A.K.A. “Tapping” may become one of your most powerful tools to success. Developed in the 1990s by a Stanford engineer named Gary Craig, EFT is a psychological acupressure technique that helps you realize your optimum emotional wellbeing.

EFT works by reducing the negative effect distressing memories can play on your emotional health, thus, allowing your body to regain balance. The concept revolves around the idea that our body has 14 meridian lines around which energy flows. These energy pathways can become blocked by negative emotions that in turn can lead to physical problems. Focusing on the negative emotion and tapping on these pathways is supposed to unblock the lines to restore the body’s energy flow. Harvard Medical School researchers have shown that the stimulation of these points “reduces blood flow to the amygdala, leading to the release of endorphins, and increase in soothing GABA waves and reduced cortisol levels,” resulting in an immediate reduction in anxiety symptoms.

For more information on how this technique works check out a video on Energy Psychology, this research from Harvard Medical School, or this article “A New Moment In Science“.

Sounds tricky but it is really easy to learn and incorporate into your life. Here is a site with basic tapping instructions to get you started.

While EFT has proved to be highly successful for many people, it should be noted that it is not a blanket cure. And finding a qualified practitioner  is always recommended.


Ping is a recent college graduate of Duke University with a degree in political science. She is excited about the next stage of her life. She loves traveling, reading, and doing yoga. More importantly, she is thrilled to be part of the NEXT for Women community!


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