The Early Bird Catches the Work – Why You Should Start Searching For An Internship Today

If you’re main goal is to bank some serious bucks this summer, interning is probably not the route for you.  Many internships are unpaid, and the others usually don’t pay as well as a steady babysitting gig. However, if you’re thinking more “big picture,” there is a great case to be made for internships, which are sure to pay off big in the long run.

Why You Should Start Searching for an Internship Today:

The Millennial Generation is very highly educated, with huge numbers of Gen Y-ers entering the workforce with college degrees. Because a degree is no longer enough to make a candidate a shoe-in, the importance of experience has been re-emphasized. Internships are the premier way for college students to boost their resumes — especially the references section!

Once you’ve gotten your feet wet in your prospective industry, you have a better idea of what it is that you do (or don’t!) want to do. By figuring out your strengths, weaknesses, and preferences while you’re still in school, you have the time and resources to re-route your plans than if you wait until you get into your first job!

It is a competitive market out there! And if you’re in a field that doesn’t typically offer internships — basically anything not called Business, Marketing, or Engineering — the opportunities are already limited. Taking an early initiative to find available internships, or propose your own (don’t be afraid to do this, either!) gives you a huge advantage over your less-proactive peers.

Check out your school’s career services center, a contact in your academic department, online ads, social media sources, and those in your network to kick off your internship search!

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