70/30 Rule; Build Your Office Wardrobe

When shopping for office attire always start with a foundation of basic pieces and build around it. Basic black, navy, grey or brown pants and skirts that can be mixed and matched with tops and jackets and you will have a different look everyday.

70% of your wardrobe should be a classic staple.
30% of your office attire should have more trendy styles. Trendy belts or a nice piece of neck jewelry are great to compliment any staple piece. Maybe a pop of color to you basic wardrobe is a nice touch.

With the 70%, 30% rule, you may not have to worry about what to wear into the office. Here are some of our favorite basics for you to build your office wardrobe:

Here are some of our favorite places and their trendy pieces to match:


New York & Company

Shilvertone Hinge Watch – $19.95







Limited Brand

Shar-Pei Shoulder Bag – $350







Coining Necklace – $38.00







As a Project Manager for a global contract research organization, Chelsea’s work on global clinical trials includes the successful management, oversight, and execution of clinical studies in both the pre- approval and post-approval stages of development. When not contributing to the success of her organization, Chelsea keeps up on fashion and beauty trends and avidly explores how to feature her own personal style both in and out of the workplace. Her eye for style and design landed her recent wedding as a feature in The Knot Magazine and online as a “Knot Pick.” Besides her contributions to the NEXT for Women community, Chelsea is also a featured reviewer on the popular shopping website, eDressme. Inthe community, Chelsea is an active member of the Board of Directors of her regional chapter of the Healthcare Business Women’s Association and is the President of her local alumni association for Virginia Tech.


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