Behind the Scenes of Outlet Malls


Shopping at outlet malls is a great way to get brand-named attire while saving some cash and can even make for a fun day out with your girlfriends.

The deals found at outlet stores are possible because the brands sell merchandise that is usually one or two seasons behind or they actually produce a unique line specifically for their outlet stores. However, some stores actually sell some of the same merchandise they provide in their regular store but just at a reduced price. The classic Jackie Cardigan from JCrew for example is typically $62 at the regular store, but it can be found for $30 or less at the outlet store.

Jackie Cardigan from JCrew

Although outlets provide great quality brands at reduced prices, there are a few secrets you must know before your trip. Here is how to maximize your outlet shopping experience:

If you are a frequent shopper, check with the outlet center about frequent shopping discounts. Many have special deals for their dedicated customers.

Make sure to always ask about the return policy. Many outlet stores have a shorter time period when you can return merchandise than their mother stores. Make sure you know before a store’s policy before you buy.

Discounts shouldn’t always be the selling point! Try something on without looking at the price tag, decide whether you would wear it again, and then look at the price.

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