Business Travel: Pack Right and Carry-on!

More airlines are charging upward of $25 to check a bag, even more for the second bag. The combination of rising gas prices, the cost of getting to and from the airport and the price of an aiport bottle of water makes saving on baggage fees a big relief. Follow the packing tips below to help keep all of your things in the overhead.

Choose the right suitcase –

?Investing in the right suitcase can make packing and traveling a lot easier. To avoid strain, a wheeled bag is optimal. Find a sturdy but light-weight bag that fits in the ovehead bin. The easier it is for you to lift your suitcase in and out of the overhead, the better.

Pack shoes first –

?Whether you’re bringing one pair of shoes or five, line the bottom of your bag with shoes. Try to wear your bulkiest shoes on the airplane to save extra room. Fill any hollow shoes, like sneakers or boots, with socks or small items to conserve room.

Roll clothing –

Save room by packing versatile pieces (future blog post) that can be mixed and matched for multiple occasions. Tightly roll clothing to help reduce wrinkles and to fill empty space between shoes and the sides of the suitcase. Layering workout clothes and pajamas first leaves more room for nicer clothes on top.

Buy 3oz Toiletries –

Create a small toiletry bag with all of the essentials you need. Federal regulation only allows up to 3oz of liquids so buy 3oz bottles of shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, moisturizer and toothpaste instead of the 1.5oz alternatives. They’re last longer and you can refill bottles when you get back. Keep these with a travel toothbrush, Q-tips and shower comb all in a quart size zip-lock bag. Layer it on top of your bag so it’s easy to remove at airport security.

Bring a subset of makeup –

Instead of packing your whole make-up kit, only bring what you’ll need. Create a travel bag of make-up to speed up packing. Pack blush, a small retractable blush brush, two eye pencils, one multi-color eye-shadow kit, mini-nail clippers, mascara, small tweezers and eyelash-curler. Opt for sample size bottles of perfume to have a variety of scents on hand.

Maximize your handbag? –

Keep to the required two carry-on rules by utilizing your handbag. If you need to bring your laptop, find a purse that can safely hold your laptop but leaves room for other plane must-haves: ID, wallet, plane tickets, a magazine, a few snacks, gum and a pashmina to keep warm on the plane. If you want a smaller purse for your trip, pack it in your carry-on or opt for a backpack instead of a large purse.

The more you learn to pack only what you need, the smarter you can pack everything you need into two carry-ons. The good news, most places you visit will likely have a pharmacy or store nearby in case you forgot something.


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