The Kindle: A Student’s Best Friend

A huge expense that always puts a major dent in my wallet is purchasing textbooks each semester for college.  Even when I try to save money by purchasing used textbooks, my total per semester usually tops hundreds of dollars! Fortunately, Amazon has decided to launch Kindle textbook rentals which are estimated to save students about 80% on their usual textbook totals. Not only can you use your kindle for leisurely reading, but now for textbooks as well. I myself am already a Kindle user; however these textbook rentals can also be read on a variety of devices including iPads, smartphones, PCs or Macs,iPod touch devices, and Blackberry, Windows Phone, and Android-based devices.



You are able to choose the length of their textbook rentals, ranging from 30 to 365 days.  If you change your mind about how long you need your book for, you can always add a day or even buy the book. Those who find it useful to make notes or highlight like you would with printed book can still store and access notes and highlights for their entire rental period with the Amazon Cloud tool.

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