Are You Being A Good Leader?


Before you ignore this article, consider this: You’re a leader even if in an individual contributor role. Everyone is a leader, regardless of title.


So back to the question, are you being a good leader? Take this quiz to find out!


  • What would you do in this situation?

You’ve been invited to a meeting at work, and even though the issue is important, you anticipate the gathering will be a waste of time.

  1. You show up but don’t participate because you’re stressed about all the work at your desk
  2. You go to the meeting and roll your eyes when the organizer isn’t looking
  3. You skip the meeting after making up a story about why you can’t attend
  4. You work with the organizer to determine how to meet the objectives in the most efficient manner

Answer (d.)  is the most constructive option and demonstrates one of many ways to lead without being an official leader. It helps you, the company and the meeting organizer. Remember that every situation offers a chance to step up.



  • Think of a manager that was fantastic to work with.
  1. What are some of the qualities that made that person a great leader? ___________________________________________________________________
  2. Which of those qualities do you regularly demonstrate? ___________________________________________________________________

In (1.) did you come up with answers like “enthusiastic,” “fun to work with,” “great communicator” or “always knew the answers?” How many of these characteristics do you have as well? Just remember that you can show all of the same qualities you enjoyed in your favorite manager.

  • What are you bringing to your company?
  1. I show up with new ideas, creative ways of doing my job, and a positive mindset toward my co-workers and customers.
  2. I bring with me all of the negative energy from a fight with my significant other from the night before and spend my day talking to my co-workers about it.
  3. I am an issue for my team – flying under the radar and doing as little work as possible.

Admittedly, these examples are extreme. Hopefully you strive for answer (a.) as a way to demonstrate how you lead. Examples of answers (b.) and (c.) do exist – you’ve worked with them. As you walk into work, consider that each day is a chance to be your very best.


You get to make a choice every day: You can show up in a way that is constructive for you, your company, your customers and your co-workers. Even though you may not see it, people at all levels are watching you. Choose your attitude wisely and you never know what great things will happen!


Lisa is a Certified Professional Coach and graduate of the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching and founder of her own leadership and executive coaching firm. As a CPA working in both public accounting teams and corporate financial departments, Lisa gained substantial experience working with leaders. Her progression through a series of leadership roles (from supervisor, manager, director, interim CFO and VP Controller) taught her how to bring out optimal performance in employees at every level. Lisa has developed hundreds of leaders, in finance and cross-functionally, during her career in accounting. She continues this work through coaching and wants to do the same for you. Bringing out you or your employees’ top performance at work and in life is her passion.  Lisa has seen a common thread with the leaders she has met: intelligence, talent, passion, work ethic and genuine concern for the future of their companies. This, plus her understanding of how performance improvement leads to better profits for companies, drives her desire to provide coaching to his base as they look to continually improve their skills. Her business exposure, plus her time as an officer in the NC Army National Guard has helped her understand the criticality of great leadership as well as the need for keeping balance in life.


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