Are You Reluctant to Embrace Power?

According to A Harvard Business Review blog post “Although women now attend college at a higher rate than men, and have for the most part closed the gap in achieving advanced and professional degrees, women are not occupying the real power positions in corporations, academia, or the professions in anywhere near the same proportions as men…The fact of the under representation of women at the top begs the question of why. One part of the answer is women’s reluctance to embrace power.”

Many young women, just like the ones who are part of our NEXT community, are driven, bright, and eager to develop themselves as they advance in their careers. Yet, they too can be intimidated as they attain positions of power or authority.

Why? In the past they have relied on hard work and a great personality to get what they have wanted. Moving beyond that comfort zone into a role where a premium is placed on strategic relationship building, self promotion, and confidence can be uncomfortable – but not impossible. Ask yourself these questions as you work to develop yourself and your career:

What are the times that you felt the most powerful at work? What about the most confident?

• What can you do to re-create those moments – was it a certain suit that you wore or were you
extra prepared for a meeting that involved senior executives?

• What is one thing that you can do today that will take you out of your comfort zone and into the “power zone”?


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  2. Kwasi

    With the collapse of the U.S. ecomony in 2008, the ability of my firm to continue to fund the expansion related activities of my division was severely impacted. I had been brought on board in 2004 with the expressed assignment of growing the division through mergers and acquisitions. The time from 2004 to 2008 had been very professionally stimulating and rewarding, however with limited expansion funding the expressed assignment shifted from growing the division to moving to survival mode best described as “hunkering down”. Clearly, I was facing a career crossroads. As a shareholder in this privately held company, I was challenged with diametrically opposed need; the needs of the organization to move into survival mode as opposed to my professional needs to do stimulating work primarily centered on growth. After much reflection and soul searching I took the decision to start my own firm. While many question my decision to start a firm during the most challenging economic environment during my lifetime, it was exactly the right decision. Having just completed my 8th month in business, I have worked on some of the most challenging and unique projects of my career and the financial rewards are nearing the levels of my previous employment.

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