NEXTer Interview: Carrie Wheeler

PAsking for a raise can be a difficult task. Carrie Wheeler, Environmental Protection Specialist, shared with us her experience and tips for landing a promotion.

Carrie started working for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as an intern after obtaining her master’s degree from the School of Environmental Affairs at Indiana University. Through the EPA’s Environmental Intern Program,  she transferred to the EPA’s Research Triangle Park office as a full-time employee.

In 2008, Carrie took on her current title, Environmental Protection Specialist. Immediately,  Carrie began working toward a promotion. Very smartly, Carrie started to document her achievements and bring them up during performance reviews. She also looked at human resources requirements and what was expected from someone at the next level above her current position. Carrie also sought the recognition from her peers and others she worked with outside of the company.

“Learn to sell yourself, for every single deliverable learn to take credit for it.”

By taking these thoughtful steps, Carrie found asking for a raise was not as hard as she thought. The hardest part was taking the initiative.

One of the things that helped Carrie was her willingness to work hard and take credit for her work. She was persistent and today, Carrie still works for the EPA where she drafts rules and regulations for air quality permits.

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  1. Romulo

    I just bought this, too! And you’re right, it’s GREAT! Carrie is a loelvy person, too. She sropped by one of our “Tenner” chats, and she was so helpful and cool.

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