The 411 on Leadership: Part 2

Leadership PegsStill looking for tips to develop your leadership skills? Read on for more from our leadership series!

Come Prepared, Very Prepared

We all thought that homework was over the day we were granted our college diploma. There may not be any more lab reports or exams, but you still have homework. Before entering a meeting, research topics on the agenda so that you have thoughtful input and are able to discuss how to approach particular situations. Being prepared will increase your confidence, reliability, and credibility.

Brush up on your listening skills

As adults, we often focus too much on what we have to say as opposed to what others have to tell us. Effective listening will enable you to pick up on details others ignore. Remember what’s important to your co-workers, be thoughtful, and be open to suggestions others share with you. If you show your colleagues that you care about what they have to say, you will gain trust and respect.

Stay positive

This is simple – no one wants to follow a leader who is constantly bringing others down. Show your co-workers that you can bring positive change to the environment.

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