To Mentor or Be Mentored?

NEXT for Women recently collaborated with The Women of AT&T to help launch their internal mentoring program and this has us thinking a lot about, well, mentoring!

According to, mentoring is “to serve as  a trusted counselor or teacher, especially in occupational settings.” Certainly, young women can be the recipients  of mentoring – to assist in developing leadership skills, solving tough ‘on the job’ problems, and developing a clear career road map. Yet can we only be the recipients of guidance or can we also serve as an mentor ourselves?

Take a moment to reflect on your experiences and what you have taken away from them. What experiences could be valuable to someone new to your office or a recent college grad? Perhaps a non-profit organization in your area is in need of young mentors for their community? Not only is serving as a mentor a great way to give back, it is a wonderful way to develop your own skills as an influencer!

Thank you, AT&T– for the opportunity to work with some of your most promising talent. We look forward to seeing where being mentored – and serving as mentors – takes them!

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