The Professional Benefits of Giving Back

NEXTer Meredith Sain is an active NEXT for Women participant and recent graduate of the University of North Carolina.



A few years ago, I was unsure about the path I wanted to pursue professionally. I knew that I was interested in writing and publicity related work, but did not realize how much potential these interests had until I started working as a volunteer in Marketing and Public Affairs. As a volunteer in a local healthcare system, I had the flexibility to work on a variety of projects and gained invaluable experience.

I realized last fall after I attended a panel discussion with NEXT for Women about how supporting causes you care about can accelerate your professional growth and that the benefits to giving back do not stop there. Here are three quick reasons why volunteering can help you:

  1. Volunteering (and talking about it) can enhance your image within your company.
  2. Volunteering is an easy way to expand your network (choose an organization that you are genuinely interested in – this way, you can connect with like-minded people while serving others)
  3. The skills you learn as a volunteer can be directly translated to your job.

The benefits of volunteering are myriad. Determine your strengths, develop your skills, expand your network, and improve your company’s image all while giving back to your community!


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