Nexter Interview: LaTonya Taylor

NEXT for Women recently interviewed LaTonya Taylor who works in Corporate Accounts Payable at SEPI Engineering and Construction in Raleigh, NC and is attending school. She is also a member of several professional and volunteer organizations.  She particularly enjoys working with the American Heart Association’s Start Heart Walk and the Go Red for Women campaign. She shares with us her insights on balancing her busy life and making time for advancing herself professionally.

Q:  You seem so busy between work, your children, school, and volunteer activities.  How do you manage your time, so that you can be effective even though you are so busy?  What do you suggest to women in the NEXT community?

A:  The calendar feature on my Android phone is my best friend because I enter every little task, deadline, and appointment.  Every night I check my agenda for the next few days ahead so that I can be prepared for upcoming tasks or possible conflicts.

Q: Even though you are so busy, how do you maintain both personal and professional relationships?

A:  Maintaining professional relationships for me is a breeze due to social networking sites. I keep up with opportunities to network through attending various events related to my career goals.  I also schedule personal time with friends, family and colleagues in order to maintain strong relationships in order to stay connected with them.

Q:  How does professional development fit into your schedule?  It seems that you are incredibly busy, but you still have time to go back to school in order to take next steps in your career.  How did you come to make this decision?

A:  No time is the perfect time to go back to school or to accelerate your career when you are a mother of school aged children; and truthfully it never really fits into your schedule, you just have to make it.  You just have to do it the best way that you can, and don’t get discouraged when things don’t line up the way you want.

Q:  How has community college helped you fit school into a busy life?

A:  The flexibility of the class schedules, online classes, and their operation of school related departments, such as student advising and bookstores, during hours that are compatible with people who work during the day make community college a good match for me.

Q:  You won our ‘What Did You Bring To Work” contest, so it seems that you find office activities important and you understand the importance of going the extra step.  What motivated you to participate?

A:  We do potlucks every year.  We all get along with each other here at SEPI Engineering & Construction Inc, and we all share a common interest of eating good food!  When an opportunity presents itself, it’s not hard for people to get involved. Potluck dinners and other activities give us a chance to stay involved and contribute to the company culture.

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