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For the college student and emerging professional, aspiring business owner, or job seeker – this series is available only for members of the NEXT for Women community!


Morra Aarons Mele, the founder of digital PR and marketing firm Women Online, is an Internet marketer who has been working with women online since 1999. She helped Hillary Clinton log on for her first Internet chat, and launched Wal-Mart’s first blog. NEXT for Women has partnered with Morra to create this comprehensive beginners guide to developing your online presence.


Through our carefully curated videos and downloadable guides you will discover efficient ways to showcase your strengths online. Learn how to:


  • Standout! Ensure that potential employers come across your well crafted content.
  • Establish yourself as an expert and make a name for yourself within your industry.
  • Develop a professional presence that includes audio, video, or writing samples.
  • Create a website for that side business you have been dreaming about starting.


In addition, download our bonus “Use Social Media” guide to learn how to promote your new online presence and develop an audience. Join us by becoming a member via the registration form to the right. Once you confirm your account you can access everything through the ‘Members only’ link.

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