Can supporting causes in your community help move your career forward? The answer is YES!

Many of you have joined NEXT for Women at past events to discover how supporting causes in your community can help move your career forward. So, we were thrilled to see an interview in the New York Times with Barbara J. Krumsiek of Calvert Group Ltd. She gives us some excellent insight into her experience managing 200 employees at age thirty, as well as, some good advice for recent college grads – but she also shares with us what she looks for when hiring a great candidate:

“…we need to find out whether they have some attachment in their community. I don’t care if they’re active in their church or did Habit for Humanity projects. They need to show they care about something outside of themselves. Those people who have that kind of community really understand that there’s a lot more to get from a career than just a paycheck.”

Summer is right around the corner and with many offices slowing down this may be the best time for you to speed up – find an organization in your community that you believe in and volunteer! Take on a role that compliments your current occupation to gain extra experience – or choose a role that will make you stretch and become more versatile (and valuable) in your workplace. Once you have gained new experiences (not to mention new contacts) don’t forget to speak up and let your colleagues, and boss, know about it!

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