Is Your Perfume Causing A Stink In The Office?

Ok, so we all know that one should refrain from wearing perfume to a job interview for personal olfactory reasons (maybe the interviewer doesn’t like the scent or it reminds them of an unpleasant experience).  But this also goes a step further into the workplace AFTER you land that perfect job!

Did you know that ‘strong scents’ are grounds for a lawsuit?  Under the “Americans with Disabilities Act”, heady fragrances (including body lotion, laundry detergent, hair spray, etc) can limit the breathing abilities of those around you.  In 2008, a Chicago woman settled with the city for $100,000 claiming her co-worker’s fragrance caused her to have an asthma attack and miss work.  There is also evidence that perfumes contain cancer-causing toxins that may be best left out of confined areas such as office spaces.

So in order to be a good office mate, it looks like you will need to leave the Chanel No 5 for happy hour or that perfect date.  You certainly don’t want to go through a strong scents lawsuit.  That could greatly cut into your shoe fund!


About Our Contributor: Amy Greene is a eco-event designer, photo-stylist, humanitarian and partner with Going Greene Events LLC, a local and national award-winning sustainable event production firm in Raleigh NC.  She can find any reason to host a party and is very active in her community, serving on several executive boards including Me Fine Foundation, the National Association of Catering Executives Triangle Chapter, the Durham Symphony Orchestra and Models for Charity.


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