Smiling: A free way to make an impact on someone else’s day

We all know the saying: you only get one chance to make a first impression. Believing this to be true, why not start with a SMILE! There are countless reasons to smile at someone. If you want to appear happy, friendly and approachable, simply start by smiling your way through the day. Plus, it lifts the face which will make you look and feel younger. What a bonus!

While smiling is a powerful way to bring happiness within, it’s also a free way to make an impact on someone else’s day. Each time you share your pearly whites, you send a positive message that can someone’s mood for the better. And since smiling is contagious, the person you gift with your smile may go on to pass the kindness to someone else. Just think how far your original smile can go! The next time you take a stroll down the sidewalk or spend the day shopping at your local market, don’t just wear your favorite new pair of earrings, wear your smile; I promise it’s your most valuable accessory.

With  a career ranging from working with DragonBallZ to VW of America, from Sales to Marketing/PR, from Dallas to Australia… and finally to recruiting nurses to work throughout the United States – in 2009 Carlyn found herself without a job. She asked herself “What do I LOVE to do? What is my PASSION?”. And then she realized – she turns strangers into friends. Join her journey here.

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