Gtrot’s Travel Tip: Pack It In

Keep it to a carry on. We know its tempting to fill your big suitcase for your trip, but try to resist. Limiting yourself to a carry-on will save your time and stress at the airport, plus practically eliminate the risk of becoming one of those “they-lost-my-luggage” horror stories.


 To make this work:

  1.     Wear your heaviest layers on the flight.
  2.     Pack liquids (shampoo, lotion) in bottles under 3 ounces and put those in a sandwich bad to avoid spills.
  3.     Roll (rather than fold) your clothing, and stuff socks and undies into any open space.

To help your keep your carry-on organized, we like the Pack-It Complete Organizer below.


Eagle Creek Pack-It Complete Organizer


Brittany Laughlin is the co-founder of
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