Sticking It Out Through Tough Times with Peter Thum, Founder of Ethos Water and Fonderie 47

Peter Thum is an American social entrepreneur, business executive, and humanitarian. He is the founder of the social venture Ethos Water. Thum had the idea for Ethos Water in 2001 while working for McKinsey & Company on a project in South Africa where he saw water issues firsthand. Thum led Ethos as President through its acquisition by Starbucks in 2005. His current venture is Fonderie 47 who’s mission is to transform weapons of mass destruction (confiscated AK-47 rifles from the Democratic Republic of Congo) into ornate accessories. By melting down the steel components, and working with jewelers Philip Crangi and Roland Iten to refashion them with gold into rings, earrings, and cuff links, Fonderie 47 has successfully removed more than 6,000 assault rifles from the war-ravaged nation.


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